10 Questions A New ESL Teacher Should Ask

Keep Things Clear With These 10 Questions


Confused About Your New Role?

As a new ESL teacher or language assistant you may be eager to start working and forget about the logistics. But the earlier you make your working conditions clear with your employer and fellow co-workers, the better. Here is a list of questions ESL teachers and language assistants should be asking before starting a job as an English teacher.

  1. What is my schedule?
  2. What experience do my students have with English?
  3. What books and materials do you provide me with?
  4. What equipment and technology will I have access to?
  5. When do I get paid and how often?
  6. Who should I contact if I have any problems?
  7. Who do I contact if I am sick and cannot come in?
  8. What is the policy for time off, vacation and holidays?
  9. Is there a dress code for teachers and/or for students?
  10. What is the procedure for bad behavior and/or punishing a student?

These questions, as well as many others, are essential to ask before you start working. Asking them and making notes of the answers will allow you to start your job as an English teacher with the knowledge to succeed without being taken advantage of. So prepare yourself and protect yourself– ask questions!

Do you have any other useful questions for an ESL teacher to add to this list? Please leave them in the comments– we all appreciate it!

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