4 Spanish Looks for Summer

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4 Spanish summer looks for the beach and beyond!

Summer is on its way, and with it comes the chance to shop for some new summer clothes.  Spain is home to some of the world’s best fashion designers, which makes for stylish choices no matter your budget. For some summer inspiration, we’ve come up with 4 Spanish looks for summer— each inspired by a Spanish city! What’s your favorite look?

1. The Gaditana

A Gaditana is a woman from Cadiz, the lovely province in Southern Spain known for its incredible Atlantic beaches and ideal surf spots. Our Gaditana summer look is obvious– casual and comfortable for long days at the beach. What could be better than a cotton sundress and some comfortable beach sandals?

Our picks: Havaianas sandals and a light summer dress 

havaianas beach

Havaianas are perfect for a day at the beach.

2. The Sevillana

Seville’s summers may see sweltering temperatures reaching over 100°F but that doesn’t stop a true Sevillana from dressing in style. There are no beach sandals here, but for stylish comfort women choose cute espadrilles to match their summer prints.

Our picks: Espadrilles and a sundress

espadrilles seville

A perfect outfit for dressy Seville.

3. The Madrileña

Madrid is a city where anything goes as far as fashion is concerned. But the summers are stifling hot and dressing light is key. A skirt, dressy sandals, and a tank top make a perfect look for a romantic Madrid sunset.

Our picks: Long skirt, dressy tank top, and sparkly sandals

Sandals in Madrid

Sparkly sandals add a cosmopolitan glamour to any outfit.

4. The Coruñense

Someone from La Coruña is a Coruñense, and the ladies from this part of Northern Spain know to dress in layers for their cool summers. Temperatures range between 60°F and 80°F, making it the perfect weather for cute capris and a nice blouse with a blazer. Match this with stilettos for a night out, or with cute flats during the day.

Our picks: Capri pants, blouse, blazer, and stilettos

La Coruña style

Stylish layers are key in La Coruña.

What’s your favorite Spanish look for summer?


Photo credits: kuma chanuggboy…love Maegan

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