5 Best Ways a Teacher Can Relax in Logroño

Ebro River

The lovely Ebro River.

The life of an English teacher in Spain is never dull. Whether you are teaching itty bitty toddlers the colors and counting to 5, or professional vocabulary to working businessmen, you always have to be on your game, leaving precious time for relaxing. Over the years I have learned a few good ways to wind down after a long day, week or year of teaching. Logroño, being a small bustling city with a big city vibe, has a plethora of options to help a teacher de-stress and and unwind. Here are my 5 best ways a teacher can relax in Logroño.

1. Go out for pinchos and wine

pinchos Logroño

Typical pinchos in Logroño.

Not only is Logroño the red wine capital of Spain, it was also just named the gastronomic capital too. This means there is no shortage of good wine and great food to go around, and for astonishing low prices. One of my favorite ways of relaxing after a long day’s work is to meet up with my friends for some pinchos for dinner, northern Spain’s take on tapas. Combined with many terraces and outdoor cafes to chose from, there is nothing I enjoy more than a late afternoon glass of red wine outside with friends.

2. Enjoy the beautiful parks

Briones Spain

Around the village of Briones, Spain.

There are lots of green spaces and parks around Logroño. One of my favorite spots is the massive Ebro park, running along the river next to the old quarter. This extensive area is filled with lavender, meadows and willow trees, making it the perfect place to have a picnic with friends, go for a run, or just sit and read in the shade. Being so centrally located and so big, sprawling over both sides of the river, it’s the perfect close getaway for a relaxing afternoon.

 3. Visit a winery

La Rioja wine tasting

Tasting La Rioja straight from the source!

Whenever I feel like taking a day off and getting out of the house, my go-to choice of activity is visiting a winery. Living in one of the biggest wine producing regions in Spain, there are plenty to chose from. Getting a group of friends together, visiting a local village and touring a famous winery, followed by a tasting is one of my favorite easy pastimes in Logroño.

4. Go for a hike or a walk in the countryside

Spanish mountains

Hiking in the Sierra de la Cebollera mountains in La Rioja.

Logroño is a small enough city that you can literally walk right out of it and be amongst mountains and vineyards in a few minutes. The surrounding region of La Rioja is spectacularly beautiful, with many quaint medieval villages, jagged mountains, and ancient forests to explore. For me there is nothing more calm and relaxing than going for a walk or a hike. Whenever I am really stressed out or exhausted from the long hours required of a teacher, I try to take a break by going for a hike or a walk.

5. Shopping

Shopping Spain

Shopping is always a good way to relax.


Maybe this one is just for the ladies, but seriously, is there nothing better than going shopping, even just window shopping with your friends on the weekend after a tiring week? Shopping is a great way for me to distract myself and chill out for a few hours, and luckily Logroño has lots of great little shops to get lost in, in spite of being such a small city. Near the old quarter there is a series of pedestrian only streets called la zona de cien tiendas (The area of 100 shops) filled with local stores and charming shops to pick from. Walking around here, especially during sales time, is a great way to forget the worries of teaching and just relax.

Liz writes Memoirs of a Young Adventuress which is about traveling and expat life abroad. Four years ago, she said goodbye to the freezing cold New England winters and ‘hola’ to sunny, warm Spain, and hasn’t looked back. Unsatisfied living in the same place for too long, she has called several cities in Spain home, from Salamanca to Madrid, Córdoba and Málaga, and now Logroño in the north. 

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