5 Reasons to Visit Cadiz

The incredible region of Cadiz, Spain, is one of the country’s most popular summer destinations. All year round Cadiz offers plenty of sunshine, beautiful beaches, fun festivals, and delicious food– what more could you want? Take advantage of affordable international calling to tell all your friends and family about the gorgeous region and remember, once you visit it’s guaranteed you’ll be back soon!

Take a look at our top 5 reasons to visit Cadiz.

1. The beaches

From the gorgeous Playa Bolonia with its ruins of a Roman city, to the narrow patch of sand in Cadiz capital called La Caleta, Cadiz province is definitely home to some of Europe’s best beaches. Slather yourself with black clay (said to be healthy for the skin) at Caños de Meca and watch the colorful kite surfers in Tarifa. Don’t blame us if you never leave!

Cadiz beaches

Beautiful beaches of Cadiz capital.

2. The food

Land of tapas, Cadiz does small plates and seafood like nowhere else. Try tiny camarones, little pink shrimp that you eat whole– shells and all. If that’s too daring for you, play it safe with some of the world’s best tuna, fished with the old Almadraba method for a few months each year. It melts in your mouth! Other recommendations are fried seafood platters from the local freidurias, crispy churros from beachside stands in the mornings, and freshly fried homemade potato chips from the same booths in the afternoon.

Camarones Cadiz

Camarones– tiny shrimp eaten whole.

3. The bodegas

Cadiz is home to the sherry triangle, made up of Jerez, El Puerto de Santa María, and Sanlucar de Barrameda. Bodega visits are a popular way to spend the morning, slowly sipping some of the world’s most impressive aged wines. Some of the most popular bodegas are the Gonzalez Byass (known for Tio Pepe), Bodegas Tradición, and La Guita. Check their websites for visiting hours and guided tours in both English and Spanish.

Sherry butts

Sherry butts at Bodegas Tradición in Jerez, Cadiz.

4. The history

Cadiz capital is said to be the oldest inhabited city in Europe. And what began as a Phoenician port, quickly became one of the richest and most important ports in the entire world. Although the birthplace of the Spanish constitution is no longer deemed such an international place, the mix of its impressive history and its determination to keep up in modern society is truly fascinating.

Church Jerez

The incredible church in Jerez, Cadiz.

5. The festivals

Home to some of Spain’s best festivals, each city in Cadiz has its own festival (or two!). The Gaditanos (from Cadiz capital) put on a show each year for the popular Carnaval festival in February. People dress up in intricate costumes and sing chirigotas, rhyming songs that make fun of society and politics. The Jerezanos (from Jerez) have one of Southern Spain’s most popular ferias (fairs) the Feria del Caballo and Sanlucar de Barremeda has beachfront horse races each year that draw spectators from all over the world.

Cadiz theater

The Cadiz theater where they sing Carnival Chirigotas!

This is only a glimpse at the many reasons you should visit Cadiz. If you’ve been there, what would you add to the list?

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