5 Things to do in Costa Brava

Costa Brava beach and chairs

Relax on the Costa Brava.

Spain is a diverse country, and Catalonia is no exception. With its own language, special customs, and current movement for independence, many would even call it a different country all together. Politics aside, Catalonia and the Costa Brava region is incredible. I never expected such a beautiful place only a short flight away from Madrid. But even if you are coming from a lot farther away, it is well worth the trip. Just book a flight to either Barcelona or Girona, leave your car in at the airport (check for deals like airport parking Leeds Bradford), and get ready for fun, food, and adventure in Costa Brava.

Here are 5 things to do in Costa Brava that will have you addicted to this amazing part of Spain!

1. Visit Girona


Beautiful Girona, Spain.

Almost at the French border, the lovely city of Girona feels like a fairy tale. The slow moving river Ter is lined with bright colored homes and is where Girona’s townspeople enjoy a walk, or stop for a coffee or a snack. If you wind your way up the narrow streets into the historic part of town, you will see Girona’s stunning cathedral and one the best preserved Jewish quarters in Europe.

2. Drink Cava


Try some bubbly cava.

The bubbly cava (sparkling wine) in Costa Brava is by far the best sparkling wine we’ve tried in a long time. Forget about the big name brands, and next time you are at your wine shop look for a cava from Catalonia. For something different, try a rosé cava, made by adding a bit of red wine to the cava. But, even if your wine shop has great cavas, with all the things there are to explore in Costa Brava, it is really better to go there and try it yourself!

3. Walk through Cap de Creus Natural Park

cap de creus

Gorgeous Cap de Creus.

Rugged and beautiful, Cap de Creus Natural Park is a surprising place. When you first enter it looks like some big rocks and dry vegetation, but after walking for a few minutes you begin to realize that you are in an incredible place. Full of jagged boulders and dry land, it is incredible that plants can grow in this windy park, but they do. Every season of the year offers visitors different plants to enjoy. If you hike up some of the trails you will be rewarded with views of the ocean crashing against the rocks. It is a can’t miss when visiting Catalonia and actually only one of the beautiful natural parks in Costa Brava.

4. Try Fideua


Homemade fideua!

A true Catalonian dish, fideua is similar to its cousin paella, but made with small, short noodles instead of rice. The proteins can be either seafood or meats, and it is typically served with sharp alioli (homemade garlic mayonnaise). A heaping plate of fideua and a nice glass of local wine will have you forgetting any stress you might have! This is something you can’t find outside of Catalonia, so get searching for flights already and check out great deals like Dublin airport parking or Luton airport parking to save you some money on your trip. A bigger wallet means more fideua and cava!

5. Go Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea

Mediterranean Sea

Don’t miss swimming in the warm Mediterranean Sea.

You cannot visit Costa Brava and not go for a swim. Luckily, the area is known for its sunshine, so it’s likely you’ll have good weather. There are many different coves and beaches along the Costa Brava, and each one has its own charm and appeal. I would recommend renting a car and slowly making your way along the coast, stopping when you please. You can also do adventure activities in most places, such as kayak and windsurf.

This is only the beginning of what Costa Brava has to offer. I recommend getting there now, before everyone finds out about these beautiful parks and beaches, turning them into another tourist filled area.

Have you ever been to Costa Brava?


  1. Great recommendations Lauren! As a local I never get tired of Costa Brava 🙂 the perfect getaway from Barcelona.

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