A 2 Minute Guide To Meribel, France

Meribel France

If you find skiing to be the perfect way to get your mind off from the rigors and demands of everyday life, then pencil book that travel date and buy a ticket to Meribel, France. Meribel is a big ski resort located in the Tarentaise Valley part of the majestic French Alps. The picture perfect backdrop of this place is an excellent place for your winter snow holiday. Here are some helpful traveling tips that can guide you in your Meribel adventure.

Must Know Accommodation Details

Before you go exploring Meribel, it’s important that you already book your accommodation. The best place to stay when visiting Meribel are ski resorts like Purple Ski. The chalet accommodations in Purple Ski have a romantic and practical feel to it; a perfect place for couples and families. In fact, Meribel is known for its chalet accommodations with the Alpine backdrop as its majestic view.

One of the practical tactics you can do when eyeing to spend winter snow holiday in Meribel is to book your accommodation in advance through online booking. Booking online and in advance can be advantageous because you might even get some freebies and discounts. What’s more, booking for an accommodation a year in advance can give you the benefits similar to what you can get from early bird promos.

Things To Do When Visiting Meribel

Essentially, Meribel is a skiing community. The entire area is built for skiing activities; that’s why the activities in Meribel are generally limited to skiing related activities. However, if you are willing and resourceful enough, there are non-skiing activities that people on holidays can definitely do.

If you are not heavily into skiing, you can pay for a helicopter adventure. There are many tour operators in Meribel that offer a helicopter tour of the entire ski resort. The view of Meribel from a hundred feet high will give you a different viewing perspective of Meribel.

If you are the adventurous kind, why not try glacier walking. In this activity you get to walk on top of glaciers. However, glacier walking is best done with a guide for a safe tour.

Meribel During the Summer

Come summer, Meribel is still a destination hot spot. There are plenty of family oriented activities that you can do in Meribel during the summer season. One popular activity is summer cycling through the green Alps. Travelling the Alps a top your bike is one of the best ways to explore the surroundings.

White water rafting is an exhilarating family oriented activity. It is but challenging to brave the rapids. If you have newbies on your group then stick with the basic rapids in order to stay on the safe side.

Whether you want to spend your holidays during the winter or summer, Meribel can be your primary destination target. Nature marries action, what more could you want for your Meribel holiday? To know more about the beauty and activities in Meribel, just click the official tourist guide to Meribel here.

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