A 2-Minute Guide to the French Riviera

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Romanticism can be your inspiration in choosing your next holiday destination. Where else can you experience romance in the air and in the scenery than in the French Riviera.  In revealing the beauty of the French Riviera, it will only take 2 minutes of your reading time for you to fall in love with the place, so start reading this French Riviera guide and get ready to pack your bags.

Exploring Scenic Views of the French Riviera

You can categorize your French Riviera romantic holiday into these three categories – a coast experience, nature tripping, and snow adventure. Regardless of what holiday category you choose, each activity will definitely renew your zest for life and for each other.

Your Coast Experience

A French Riviera experience is not complete without letting your body swim in the bluest ocean in this part of France. Geographically speaking, the French Riviera is strategically located in the coastline of Southeast France. Hence, expect some splendid beaches and sandy shores.

One of the most popular beaches in the French Riviera is Paloma Beach located in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. The blue waters of this popular beach have attracted Hollywood celebrities like Brad Pitt. The downside of Paloma Beach is that the best part of the beach is private and not open for the public. Regardless of such fact, the part which is open to the public is still splendid.

If you’re heavily into wind surfing, then the beach for you is Plage de l’Almanarre in Hyères. One of the main attractions for this beach is the flock of pink flamingos which can be found in the marsh area near the beach. This beach is also near another beach that has the bluest water in the whole of the Mediterranean – Porquerolles.

Your Nature Tripping Experience

Haven’t you notice that when an area is near a coastline you can expect some naturally preserved nature parks. You can have this experience with a visit in the French Riviera. For your nature tripping adventure why not visit Parc National du Mercantour? This vast area of green land provides a great view of splendid and majestic landscape. When visiting this nature park, you can expect to see different species of vegetation.

Other popular nature parks include Le Col de la Bonnette described as France’s highest road pass. There’s also Trecolpas Lake; its clear and calm waters reflects the majestic mountain ranges surrounding the lake which has the makings of a perfect post card.

Your Snow Adventure

Depending on the season, you can experience the French Riviera by booking a holiday in one of the popular ski resorts. Ski resorts are conducive for 2 man activities like skiing, snow shoeing, sledding, just to name a few. The internet is full of information you need to look for the best ski resort in the French Riviera.

2 minutes is not enough to reveal all the beauty of the French Riviera. This place is definitely one of the places you should visit before you die. To know more about the French Riviera, click here and get ready to experience a magical holiday.

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