A Bit of Egyptian Sunshine


The gorgeous sight of Egyptian pyramids.

It’s hard to describe Egypt in one word; a country so diverse and vast, yet from one side of the country to another, there’s such a world of difference. I guess ‘varied’ is probably the best way of describing it, yet the word really doesn’t do it justice.

Steeped in ancient and fascinating history, Egypt isn’t all about the pyramids and sphinxes, however fascinating. No, Egypt’s hugely popular Red Sea Riviera is just as jaw-dropping, not least for its underwater world.

I imagine you’re thinking Sharm el Sheik now, as that is the most famous on the Riveria, but there are many purpose built resorts springing up all over the coast, and one of the best has to be El Gouna.

El Gouna

One of the pretty El Gouna resorts.

Consisting of sparkling lagoons, sweeping golden beaches, countless restaurants, shops and even a fantastic 18 hole golf course, El Gouna was made with luxury in mind, at less than luxurious-standard prices. Whether it’s winter or summer sun you’re after, you could do far worse than this Egyptian wonder.

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The Red Sea Riviera has countless opportunities to see the local marine life, no matter which resort you base yourself in, and there are even PADI accredited courses on offer, so you not only get to see the fish, enjoy your holiday, but you also come away with an actual qualification too – who said holidays weren’t educational?! Your hotel staff will be able to advise you on which courses are available, as well as the best ones to take. If you don’t want to get so deep into it however, you can simply put on your snorkel and dip your head under the crystal clear water to see some stunning sights.

angel fish

A gorgeous angel fish in El Gouna.

El Gouna’s beautiful marina is a lovely place to go for a wander and a refreshing drink, or bite to eat, and there are many shops for a hit of retail therapy – which is certainly where I’d be going! If you fancy even more relaxation, there are spa facilities, with pampering as standard.

The general vibe in El Gouna is chilled-out and that reflects in the night-life, as the resort runs a dine around programme, meaning you can eat at any participating hotel in the programme, and you’re not tied down to your particular hotel. This is great for those that like to try different foods, but in general, nobody will struggle to find cuisine to suit.

As you can see, El Gouna is a perfect get-away-from-it-all break, basking in golden Egyptian sunshine. Relax before you even board the plane by pre-booking your airport hotel, with AirportHotels.com, and your cares will be firmly left behind.

Have you ever visited Egypt?

Photo credits: jaybergesengreenacre8

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