A Long Weekend in Barcelona

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When considering what to do for the upcoming long weekend, you’ll likely want to head somewhere that’s not part of your normal routine but not too far of a plane trip.  This is just the first of many advantages that Barcelona has to offer. No matter what time of year it is, the whether is always fine in this Mediterranean coastal city, and the sights, food and culture are even better.

Here’s how you can spend two to three days away.

Start at La Rambla

If there was ever one quintessential Barcelona experience, it would be a trip down this eclectic street, which is actually a succession of several smaller streets. You can take in open-air markets, the rousing neighbourhood of El Raval (also known as “Chinatown”), Plaza de Cataluña and the Gothic Quarter, the heart of old Barcelona. In short, this is an ideal location to get a taste of everything, especially if you’re on a weekend break.

Introduce your palate to pintxos

To get a feel for both the food and the nightlife in Barcelona, your best bet is pintxos (pronounced “pinchos”). This is the Basque’s answer to Spanish tapas, small snacks that are to be eaten like hors d’oeuvres. Pintxos usually consist of toast topped with delicacies like cheese, olives and fish, and, since they are meant for sharing, they’re the perfect way to make friends on your weekend trip. For the best in the city, head to Euskal Etxea.

pinchos Logroño

Typical pinchos.

Take a tour through an artist’s childhood

Pablo Picasso had a certain affection for the city of Barcelona because it’s where he grew up. As a visitor, you can peer through the eyes of a younger Picasso by retracing his footsteps. Visit some of his favourite spots in the city, like Calle Reina Cristina, and then have a coffee at the transformed cafe of Els Quatre Gats, once a meeting space for penniless artists like Picasso who were ahead of their time. You can then marvel at some of the artist’s earlier works by visiting Museu Picasso.

Try high dining

Because of its prime location on the Mediterranean coast, Barcelona is one of the best places in the world to dine on seafood. Since you’ll only have a weekend, shop for great value party dresses to don out to dinner and then maybe a little dancing. If you’re torn between all the great seafood fares in the city, try Els Pescadors, a century-old high dining spot with fresh fish and seafood.

Get awestruck by the architecture

And lastly, no matter where you go in the city, you’re likely to get an eye full of great architecture. From the Modernista style on display at Casa Batlló in Dreta to the Romanesque architecture of Sant Pau del Camp, you’ll get a glimpse of not only the style, but also the storied history of the city.

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