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Teaching ESL to kids can be tiring. Kids don’t usually want to study grammar– they want to play games and draw pictures! A good ESL teacher knows how to analyze each child’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests to find a learning style that works for them. Games and pictures can (and should) be used, but only when they are used the right way– as a learning tool. 

The following kids ESL websites are each very good quality for teaching ESL to kids. Some have printable materials, while others offer ideas and advice for interacting with kids.

Best ESL Kids Resources
  • Jolly Learning: A great system for teaching phonics (Jolly Phonics) available for purchase or free videos on youtube!
  • Peppa Pig: A great cartoon for kids learning English, this is the site but videos can be found on youtube.
  • Teach Children ESL: Worksheets, flashcards, games & songs– no registration!
  • Educima: (In Spanish) A great site full of printable pictures to color or use as speaking materials!
  • ESL Kids: Flashcards, worksheets, songs & games– you can create your own worksheets with their tool!
  • We Give Books: Amazing site to read childrens’ books online! Different levels, perfect for smartboards, new titles & easy to use!
  • Super Simple Songs: Excellent & fun songs for kids made by ESL teachers. Available for purchase but also free on youtube.
  • Cookie: Awesome & creative site with online games, stories, and activities for children (not printables).
  • Chateau Meddybemps: Creative games and stories to play with children online (not printables).
  • ESL Kidstuff: Membership site but games & activities section is full of free ESL ideas!
  • ESL Galaxy: Hard to navigate, but almost 2,500 free printable worksheets!
  • ESL Kids World: Worksheets, songs, powerpoints, online games, flashcards and more– all free!
  • English 4 Kids: Difficult to navigate (lots of ads) but some decent free ESL worksheets.
  • Bogglesworld ESL: Excellent site with lots of free ESL lesson plans and worksheets.
  • Anglomaniacy: Excellent site full of free ESL materials, ESL printables, and online ESL games.
  • Stickyball: A site with lots of free materials and the option to purchase their ESL books.
  • Mes English: Free ESL printables and activities for kids.
  • ESL HQ: Hard to navigate but lots of good materials uploaded by other ESL teachers!
  • Learning Chocolate: A really cool, interactive site to learn vocabulary.
  • Grammarman Comic: Teaching ESL with fun comics!
  • ESL Mania: Not too much at this ESL site, but worth a look!
  • Nick Jr: We often forget to look at non ESL materials! Nick Jr. has some great printables and fun games for kids.

These are only a handful of the thousands of ESL websites for kids available. Hopefully they help you find some good ESL materials and weed out some of the horrible, advertisement filled ESL sites that are also out there! Please leave any great ESL kids websites in the comments if you see that I’ve missed something. Thanks!

If you have any other suggestions for the best ESL websites for kids, please leave them in the comments!

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  1. In making the switch from insti to cole next year I’ve been looking up kid-friendly activities. This one’s going in the arsenal for sure. Thanks for the great resource!

  2. This definitely came in handy today! Thanks, Lauren!

  3. Here is a new site for ESL Printable Books For Children

  4. Christina says:

    I’ve found that has been pretty helpful. It’s full of fun flash games for kids to play using pre-made vocab lists, or you can make your own list if you sign up for a year membership for $25. I also use it to make printables using my own lists.

  5. Hello Lauren, I would suggest for ESL students and teachers.

  6. For resources that get kids talking. It’s now been around since 1998 and it still offers free resources. My personal favorite at the moment is the one about the guy who dresses as a superhero at a Tokyo subway station and helps people by carrying their bags down a flight of stairs. (He says the mask he wears makes it easier for Japanese people to accept help from him).
    Here’s the link to the latest free lesson:

    Thank you.

    Kirsty Stewart

  7. There are certainly many excellent sites out there. One site that is worth adding to the list is It’s a new site that caters for young learners (elementary aged) and provides a good collection of simple but relevant themed units.

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