Best Food Tour in Barcelona!

food tours in barcelona

A new Barcelona food tour company has taken to the streets of Gracia, and we went along for one of their very first tours. After having tried food tours in different cities around the world, we were excited to see what we could learn in our current home, Barcelona. Would their team be able to teach us anything about the food we’re used to eating?

Turns out, YES!

We learned so much on our Devour Barcelona Food Tour and I would be willing to bet that it is by far the best food tour in Barcelona.

Take a look:

1. AMAZING breakfast sausage sandwich and crisp Catalan cava

One of the best things about living in Barcelona is eating butifarra– a delicious Catalan sausage that tastes a bit like breakfast sausage (but much, much better!). We paired this with a crisp glass of local cava for a champagne breakfast of champions. As our guide explained the route for the day, I began to worry about my stomach capacity…

Where: Can Tosca

best food tour in barcelona

2. Olive apertivo in the local market

I adore all things olives and I also love having them as a snack before lunch or dinner. But the olives at Selecció d’olives i conserves Gloria went beyond the norm, as the owner prepared fresh and delicious skewers (mine with a big chunk of cod) that you just don’t find at your average olive booth! We also got to see people preparing the cod, which I found fascinating. Did you know that it was the Spanish (well, the Basques…) who invented salted cod?

Where: Selecció d’olives i conserves Gloria

best barcelona food tour

3. The best cheese IN THE WORLD!

Our guide, Renée, told us this means the Gourmet Meeting Point, and she was not exaggerating! I could have done some serious damage here, and will probably be back soon. We tried three of Spain’s best cheeses (one literally won the Best Cheese in the World awards twice!) and some lovely quince paste. I was seriously doubting if I could continue eating…

Where: La Trobada del Gourmet

best cheese in barcelona

4. Why extra virgin olive oil is the ONLY olive oil you should eat

I knew the benefits of EVOO before the tour (great taste, a healthy fat, etc.) but I did not know that plain olive oil has absolutely no benefits and is actually made with moldy, inedible olives! Renée gave us a mini master class at this stop, and then we tasted some of the shop owner Sandra’s best organic olive oils. This is a shop I know I’ll be returning to for gifts for friends and family (and probably myself!) throughout the year!

Where: Oli Sal

best food tour in Barcelona

5. Edible bombs and poor man’s bread

Sounds delicious, right? I have eaten my fair share of “bombas” (fried potato and meat croquettes) but I never know the story behind their strange name. Renée told us the back story behind the bombas and also a Catalan favorite, pan con tomate (bread with tomato). The venue was lovely, we got to meet the owners and hear their story as well. And the bomba is undoubtedly the best I’ve tried in Barcelona (it was actually spicy!).

Where? La Anxoveta

barcelona food tours

6. A detour to Syria

Mostafa came to Barcelona on vacation and within two months was married to a Catalan woman and owner of a pastry shop! Crazy as it sounds, he is now Barcelona’s most famous non-Catalan baker. His pastries were to die for and the most difficult part of this food tour was choosing which one to try.

Where: Pastisseria Principe

food tours in barcelona

7. WAY off the beaten path!

Our next stop had us walk through a lovely square and then up the hill to a part of Gracia I’d never even seen. Hidden away is one of the neighborhood’s last standing bodegas– small wine bars where you can buy the wine by weight. Renée led us inside, introducing us to the owners and saying hello to some of the regulars. We tried my favorite Catalan apertif drink, vermouth, along with some delicious snacks prepared specially for us! These off the beaten path experiences are what makes it the best food tour in Barcelona that I’ve done!

Where: Ca’l Pep

food tours in barcelona

Photo courtesy of Devour Barcelona Food Tours

8. The smallest kitchen in Gracia

When Renée mentioned that the next stop was the smallest kitchen in Gracia, she wasn’t joking! José took over his family’s traditional bean shop (a very Catalan tradition) but since he is a great chef he couldn’t help expanding the offerings (despite lack of space!). We squeezed in at this stop, but it was worth it to try some delicious bean sauce and meatballs, and my favorite Catalan sauce in the world– romesco!

Where: La Botigueta del Bon Menjar

food tours in barcelona

9. Possibly better than a creme brûlée!

I love creme brûlée– and by default love the Catalan version, crema Catalana (which Renée told us actually came first!). But at Pastisseria Ideal the current owners’ (two lovely brothers) great-grandfather invented something even more delicious, the Cremat. Part sponge cake and part creme brûlée, this delicious mouthful is served cold and was made just for our group the morning of the tour!

Where: Pastisseria Ideal

barcelona food tours

When I was invited to be part of the Barcelona Food Tour I wasn’t sure about how much we’d eat (lots!) and learn (loads!)– especially given I live in Barcelona. But I’d recommend the route to anyone, especially visitors with limited time to taste it all.

I was a guest of Devour Barcelona Food Tours but all opinions are my own. They often offer discounts for students and English teachers– so definitely get in touch! 

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