Best in Bologna: Golosa Italia Food Tours in Bologna

deli in Bologna

Food is key in Bologna.

I don’t usually take many tours when traveling, as I really prefer to see the sights at my own pace. However, when I do decide to trust a guide to show me something, it is usually when food is involved. A food tour can be an amazing experience, as the guide often has years of knowledge and expertise eating and cooking the food that you want to discover. I’ve had amazing experiences with food tours in Spain and in Mexico, so I knew that I needed to take one in Bologna too.

I hopped over to Tripadvisor to check out what was available and wow— there are a LOT of food tours in Bologna! I am very good at sorting through reviews and I quickly disregarded some of the highest rated food tours in Bologna because they took really large groups (10-20 people). I wanted something much more personal. I emailed a few different tours about a reservation and waited to hear back.

As soon as Martina from Golosa Italia Culinary Factory Tours wrote me back, I knew I’d found my guide. She attached a tentative itinerary, filled with out of the way places and factories, places that aren’t visited by the larger tours. They were places I never would have found on my own, and some aren’t even open to the public. I also never would have rented a car and driven through the Italian countryside, so trust me when I say this tour was well worth it!

Why we think it’s “Best in Bologna”

Authentic Stops

We went to a Parmesan cheese factory where no one held our hand and took us on a tour of the facilities– we simply watched the owners work. Martina and her assistant Audrey knew exactly what they were doing, and were able to explain the process. They made sure we arrived right on time to observe the men moving the enormous rounds of cheese from their vats to storage. Later, we went to a restaurant whose other patrons were local laborers. The decor was football memorabilia– not glamourous but some of the best food I tried in all of Italy. In the balsamic vinegar factory we were shown the different storage rooms and given generous tastings of the facilities best vinegars. Each stop was non-touristic, authentic, and incredible.

Parmesan cheese factory

Separating the cheese into two separate wheels.

Insider Knowledge

Being a private tour (Martina usually takes no more than 4-6 people per tour) we were able to ask all of our questions about Bologna and Italian culture. We left with a list of restaurants to try, markets to visit, and products to buy.

Martina Golosa Italia

Martina was extremely accommodating and helpful.

A Passion Project

It is clear that Martina is passionate about her tours and all of the people involved. She clearly enjoys what she does and looks for quality over quantity in her business relationships. In a world full of tours that are only thinking of profit, Martina’s business is a refreshing look at something that provides both exclusivity and value.

Parmesan Cheese

Incredible parmesan cheese at our morning picnic.

White truffles and tagliatelle

I fulfilled my dream of trying white truffles.

If you are headed to Bologna and love food, you must take a food tour with Martina’s company. While food tours in Bologna are a dime a dozen, this is the real deal! You will never forget the taste of 36 month aged parmesan cheese, or 25 year aged Balsamic vinegar, or white truffles over homemade pasta…  Let Martina show you the real cuisine of Bologna!

Do what we did and try one of Maribel’s cooking classes as the perfect pairing to your food tour in Bologna.

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