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Playing poker in Madrid.

Casino gambling is enormously popular in Spain, with the appearance of the online casino only having increased the appeal of land-based ones – much as in other countries around the world. This means there are lots of casinos to visit for anyone making a trip to Spain on a gambling holiday, and one of the most frequently visited casino destinations in Spain is Madrid – the nation’s capital and biggest city. The top casino here is probably the Casino Gran Madrid which features all of the most popular table games, as well as a variety of slots and poker tournaments.

Indeed poker is a particularly popular form of casino gambling in Spain, and places like the Casino Gran Madrid offer you the chance to sample the Spanish variation of it: Spanish – or “Synthetic” – Poker. The Gran Madrid is not the only casino in the city though, as you also have the option of visiting the smaller Casino Aranjuez. Given the comparative sizes, it is not surprising that this offers fewer games, but it also offers a more relaxed, less formal atmosphere. Outside of Madrid, another popular part of Spain for gambling is th diverse Catalonia region in the South East of the country. Of course, Catalonia is known as the home of the world-renowned Barcelona FC, but you will also find several great casinos here.

The strange Casino of Barcelona.

The strange Casino of Barcelona.

In fact, the Casino de Barcelona is rated as one of the best casinos in all of Spain, and boasts a massive variety of slot machine and table games. The latter can be played from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., while the former are available between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. Possibly the biggest rival to it in this region is the mid-sized Gran Casino Costa Brava, which offers a similar selection of table and slots games – including the Spanish Punta Banco variant on Baccarat. Overall, what this proves is that casino gambling is alive and well in Spain even as people have the option of playing these games from home at an online casino, suggesting that most people living in or visiting Spain choose to combine online and land-based casino gambling. With the planned Euro Vegas casino on the horizon, who knows what will be the future of gambling in Spain!

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