Educational Travel: Adventure Activities That Teach in Andalucía

Andalucía, Spain is an incredible melting pot of culture, cuisine, tradition, and rich history. For student and teacher travel to Andalucía, there is no better way to explore this fascinating land than through what we call “Eco-immersion”- a comprehensive, 360 degree approach that focuses on authentic connections with the fascinating people, places, history, and culture […]

Plan a Trip to Granada

Granada is one of the most famous southern cities in Spain, with a culture and atmosphere all its own. The Andalusian culture along with a tradition of Islam in Spain give rise to a variety of foods, architectural styles, and of course, the famous Alhambra. Our Teach and Travel Team will go through the best […]

My Travel Diary: Madrid to Malaga

I had a long weekend and the weather reports looked fantastic. I decided to get off the couch where I’d been watching cheesy Spanish series and playing free online games for hours. I knew I had to take advantage of the forecast, but it was so last minute that I had no idea where to […]

Cave Life in Granada

Are you looking for an extraordinary home that’s both offbeat and affordable? If so, then look no further than the caves of Granada. Living in a cave is a unique and comfortable experience, and combined with the excellent location, it could be just the kind of cool homestead experience you’re looking for. Let’s take a […]

4 Spanish Looks for Summer

Summer is on its way, and with it comes the chance to shop for some new summer clothes.  Spain is home to some of the world’s best fashion designers, which makes for stylish choices no matter your budget. For some summer inspiration, we’ve come up with 4 Spanish looks for summer— each inspired by a […]

My Trip Diary: Madrid to Seville and Cadiz

By the end of January, I was getting a little tired of the cold and the rain in Madrid. Checking a map, I looked up the southernmost towns of Spain where there were bound to be some warmer, sunnier places I could spend a weekend. I hadn’t realized it before, but Cadiz and Seville are […]

10 Best Spanish Festivals You Can’t Miss

Seville: The Ultimate Spanish City Break

The one constant I had in my auxiliar life was the need to travel. Thanks to short work weeks, endless local holidays and puentes, and the money I made from tutoring, I was able to make weekend trips a reality and see nearly all of Spain. For language assistants, a weekend trip to Seville is […]

Three Pueblos Blancos Worth a Visit

When I first moved to Spain to teach, I had no preference where I ended up.  Though I probably could have chosen a better city, I definitely fared well on choosing a region that offered the quintessential, romanticized Spanish experience we all dream of: Andalusia. If you hear anything about Andalusia, probably amongst the first […]