5 Fun Places to Teach ESL

One of the most difficult decisions to make after becoming ESL certified is deciding where to teach English as a second language. Given that ESL teachers are in demand all around the world (even in native English speaking countries) your possibilities to teach and travel are endless. To help narrow down you choices, I recommend […]

Top 10 Eco-Tours in India

Globally, we are all concerned over man’s greed and arrogance encroaching upon some of the earth’s greatest marvels. Both the natural and manmade marvels are in danger, including wildlife reserves, iconic monuments, great bio-reserves and more. However, that by no means implies that we should stop traveling or stop exploring new destinations. There is actually […]

Must Try Adventure Activities in Ladakh

Ladakh, India is an amazing destination for anyone interested in international travel from Spain, or elsewhere! It may not be a weekend getaway, but for longer breaks (think Christmas or Easter) India and Ladakh would be a great choice. Today Divij tells us about his adventures in Ladakh! Even if you are not too inclined […]