The Tired Teacher’s TEFL Lesson Plan Ebook

Teaching English in Spain: Lessons Learned! I still remember the first day I got off of the local bus to start teaching English in Spain. I was excited– and naive. Fresh out of a TEFL course, I didn’t mind doing the hours and hours of prep that were asked of me. In retrospect, I was […]

Where to Stay? Accommodation Options for New Teachers

With the start of the school year right around the corner, many of you are eagerly packing your bags for your flight to Spain. If you are anything like I was, you are excited, nervous and definitely ready to leave! But one of the biggest problems when arriving to your new Spanish city is accommodation. […]

Summer Jobs in Spain: 5 Ways to Make Summer Cash

Summer has arrived— any English teaching expat’s worst financial nightmare. The school year is over and private classes usually don’t continue for a summer session. So what is an English teacher to do? Are there any summer jobs in Spain, especially given the difficult economy? Well, to be honest, the best bet may be going […]

10 Questions A New ESL Teacher Should Ask

Keep Things Clear With These 10 Questions As a new ESL teacher or language assistant you may be eager to start working and forget about the logistics. But the earlier you make your working conditions clear with your employer and fellow co-workers, the better. Here is a list of questions ESL teachers and language assistants […]

Best ESL Websites for Kids

Kids ESL: Best Websites for Teaching Children Teaching ESL to kids can be tiring. Kids don’t usually want to study grammar– they want to play games and draw pictures! A good ESL teacher knows how to analyze each child’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests to find a learning style that works for them. Games and pictures […]