Photo: Typical Spanish Breakfast

 A typical Spanish breakfast in Andalusia includes: A tostada (toast) Jámon (either cured or deli ham) Tomato (sometimes crushed other times sliced) A great quality extra virgin olive oil Café con leche to wash it all down This was my typical breakfast when I lived in Carmona, Seville. It was delicious and cost only 2,20€!

Photo: Spanish Botellón

What is Botellón? Botellón is the Spanish tradition of drinking alcohol in the streets. Popular among the younger generation as a way of saving money and socializing, botellón was permitted in most Spanish cities until only recently. Although the laws have changed, many young people continue to partake in botellón on weekend nights, leaving quite […]

Photo: Fresh Fish in Spain Markets

Fresh fish at Spanish food markets are one of the wonderful things about living in Spain! They may be scary looking, but they’re also quite delicious!

Photo: Flamenco Dresses

Seville, Spain is the heart and soul of flamenco music and even have their own version of the music and dance called Sevillanas. Every year girls of all ages wear flamenco dresses to the famous April Fair. These stylish dresses for children could easily cost $300!

Photo: Alcazar of Seville

Seville’s Royal Alcazar is a royal palace in Seville that originally served as a a Moorish fort. Located next to Seville’s incredible Cathedral, the Royal Alcazar is a likewise amazing monument and a must-see in Seville. In addition to being able to tour the palace (which is one of the best examples of Mudejar architecture […]

Photo: Grilled Prawns

Prawns are the pride and joy of southern Spain. They are often enjoyed grilled with sea salt and lemon at a summer barbecue.

Photo: La Caleta Beach, Cadiz

La Caleta Beach in Cadiz is surely one of Spain’s most photogenic beaches. Colorful fishing boats are tied together in the bright blue water.  

Photo: Andalusian Alleyway

 Cordoba and other cities in Andalusia are famous for their small, whitewashed alleyways full of colorful flower pots.

Photo: Cordoba’s Cathedral

Cordoba’s cathedral was a former Muslim mosque and still remains a colorful place of worship.

Photo: Windmills in Spain

Windmills can be seen all around the Spanish countryside as the country remains a leader in Green Energy initiatives.