The Best of Spain on a Tight Budget

So, what’s free to visit in Spain? There’s ample opportunity to visit places for absolutamente nada in Spain. In Madrid, window shop on Gran Vía, or wander around the 19th century Retiro Park, loved by Madrileños for taking a stroll, running, skateboarding, and whiling away the day. With a boating lake, small market stalls and […]

Exploring the Great Outdoors of Spain

From the plateaus and coastline of the Santiago de Compostela pilgrim’s way in the far north to the majestic peaks of the Sierra Nevada in the southern region of Andalusia, Spain has grand landscapes and plenty of outdoor adventures. You have the option to access remote country areas with car hire in Spain, visit quaint […]

5 Small Spanish Towns Worth a Visit

Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Seville seem to get all the credit when it comes to tourism within Spain, but small towns in Spain have so much to offer in a very different way than the big cities do. These small Spanish towns each have their own cozy feel and plenty of reasons for you to […]

My Travel Diary: Madrid to Malaga

I had a long weekend and the weather reports looked fantastic. I decided to get off the couch where I’d been watching cheesy Spanish series and playing free online games for hours. I knew I had to take advantage of the forecast, but it was so last minute that I had no idea where to […]

Madrid on a Budget

Traveling in Europe when you’re short on cash can seem quite daunting at first, but after a little research you will see that almost every city can be seen and explored without breaking the bank! To help you get started, here are some things you can see and do while visiting Madrid on a budget! Eating […]

Valdepeñas: The Land of La Mancha Wine

About 200km south of Madrid, on the road that heads to Cadiz, is a small town located in the heart of Castilla-La Mancha known for their quality Domination of Origin wines: Valdepeñas. It’s small but quaint and makes for a perfect weekend getaway. When to visit The best time of the year to visit would […]

Hiking in Spain

Each year hiking in Spain seems to become more and more popular, as people continue to discover the country’s rural locations on short vacations or weekend breaks. Although most Spaniards wouldn’t consider themselves expert hikers, many have head to the local mountains for a weekend of senderismo (hiking) at least once in their lives! Here is […]

My Trip Diary: Madrid to Seville and Cadiz

By the end of January, I was getting a little tired of the cold and the rain in Madrid. Checking a map, I looked up the southernmost towns of Spain where there were bound to be some warmer, sunnier places I could spend a weekend. I hadn’t realized it before, but Cadiz and Seville are […]

5 Off the Beaten Path Things to do in Madrid

Tired of Madrid’s most common sights? Eaten too many tortillas de patata and bocadillos de calamares? Forget about another visit to the Royal Palace or the Plaza Mayor, and take a look at our suggestions for off the beaten path things to do in Madrid! Yambala Bar A perfect hangout for locals and newbies alike, Yambala […]

Top 5 European Summer Getaways

Luxurious Spanish Beaches to Cheap Holidays in Italy: Our Top Summer Escapes in Europe When the city starts to get sticky in the summer heat, many European summer getaways are only a quick trip away. Whether you’re looking for the beach or just a cooler climate, there are plenty of spots in Europe that make […]