Pros and Cons of Writing Services

For those of us still slaving away at university, our friend Robert tells us some alternative (and perhaps controversial) options to getting it all done on time! In the busy grind of student life, (including daily reading assignments, projects, and research), writing tasks can seem almost impossible. In fact, the popular rumor is that professors assign more […]

5 Fun Places to Teach ESL

One of the most difficult decisions to make after becoming ESL certified is deciding where to teach English as a second language. Given that ESL teachers are in demand all around the world (even in native English speaking countries) your possibilities to teach and travel are endless. To help narrow down you choices, I recommend […]

How People Learn English in Spain

The other day I came across Kaplan International’s infographic about “How to Learn English”. Take a look below: How to learn English via Kaplan Blog Considering this was an international survey, I wanted to compare their data to what I’ve actually observed while teaching English in Spain over the past three years. Most Spaniards use […]

Where to Stay? Accommodation Options for New Teachers

With the start of the school year right around the corner, many of you are eagerly packing your bags for your flight to Spain. If you are anything like I was, you are excited, nervous and definitely ready to leave! But one of the biggest problems when arriving to your new Spanish city is accommodation. […]

Teaching English in the Basque Country

Questions & Answers with Auxiliar Elizabeth Pitt The Basque Country is one of the overlooked regions of Spain. If you hear about the Basque Country on the news, it’s probably for one of two reasons-the food or their local terrorist group, ETA. However, after having lived in the Basque Country for two years, I’ve learned […]

5 Best Ways a Teacher Can Relax in Logroño

The life of an English teacher in Spain is never dull. Whether you are teaching itty bitty toddlers the colors and counting to 5, or professional vocabulary to working businessmen, you always have to be on your game, leaving precious time for relaxing. Over the years I have learned a few good ways to wind […]

Top 10 Reasons to Live in Valencia

First of all, lets get one thing straight: Valencia is not Madrid or Barcelona. Unlike both of those cities, Valencia is relatively inexpensive and escapes the mass of inflated egos found in Spain’s most cosmopolitan cities. What Valencia does lack are the countless world-class museums and concerts available in bigger cities. Don’t get me wrong, Valencia has its […]

Summer Jobs in Spain: 5 Ways to Make Summer Cash

Summer has arrived— any English teaching expat’s worst financial nightmare. The school year is over and private classes usually don’t continue for a summer session. So what is an English teacher to do? Are there any summer jobs in Spain, especially given the difficult economy? Well, to be honest, the best bet may be going […]

A Year in Catalonia

Language assistant Greg Armstrong shares his experiences teaching English in Catalonia, Spain. Let’s see what he has to say about his time in one of Spain’s most talked about regions.  Before you even consider becoming a language assistant in Catalonia, remember one thing: Catalonia is not Spain!   I’m currently studying a Bachelor’s degree in […]

Top 10 Reasons to Live in Cantabria, Spain

Helen has lived in Cantabria, Spain for the past year as an auxiliar de conversación for the Spanish government. Here she tells us about her top 10 reasons to live in gorgeous Cantabria— and they sound tempting! “Cantabria Infinita” – the region’s slogan says it all. Infinite beauty. Infinite friendliness. Infinite opportunities! Cantabria, Spain is […]