3 Romantic Weekend Getaways

3 Romantic Valentine’s Day Getaways that are Sure to Impress Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and one of the benefits of living in Spain is how easy it is to plan last minute romantic weekend getaways. Spain itself has countless romantic destinations, but if you are looking to add to the mood by […]

Best in Bologna: Golosa Italia Food Tours in Bologna

I don’t usually take many tours when traveling, as I really prefer to see the sights at my own pace. However, when I do decide to trust a guide to show me something, it is usually when food is involved. A food tour can be an amazing experience, as the guide often has years of […]

Best in Bologna: Il Convento dei Fiori di Seta

When you love to travel as much as possible, it is usually necessary to keep to a budget. But, sometimes, a special occasion comes around and you have the chance to treat yourself to a bit of luxury. We headed to Bologna for my birthday weekend, and we treated ourselves to accommodation at a small […]

Best in Bologna: Aemilia Hotel

As we searched Ryanair and Skyscanner for cheap flights from Madrid, we stumbled upon a direct connection to Bologna. Luckily, instead of turning it down for one of its more popular cousins (think historic Florence or romantic Venice), we (luckily) had already been told of Bologna’s distinct charm and incredible gastronomy. We didn’t think twice […]

Seville: The Ultimate Spanish City Break

The one constant I had in my auxiliar life was the need to travel. Thanks to short work weeks, endless local holidays and puentes, and the money I made from tutoring, I was able to make weekend trips a reality and see nearly all of Spain. For language assistants, a weekend trip to Seville is […]

Cooking in Bologna: The Perfect Weekend Break

Calling All Foodies: Get to Bologna Now! Teaching in Spain can be stressful— commuting to your school, whiny kids, teacher drama, and private classes can make you a little crazy by Friday afternoon. Luckily, there are countless places to escape the workweek and enjoy a weekend break. In fact, almost all of the English teachers […]

5 Things to do in Costa Brava

Spain is a diverse country, and Catalonia is no exception. With its own language, special customs, and current movement for independence, many would even call it a different country all together. Politics aside, Catalonia and the Costa Brava region is incredible. I never expected such a beautiful place only a short flight away from Madrid. […]

5 Fun Places to Teach ESL

One of the most difficult decisions to make after becoming ESL certified is deciding where to teach English as a second language. Given that ESL teachers are in demand all around the world (even in native English speaking countries) your possibilities to teach and travel are endless. To help narrow down you choices, I recommend […]

UK to Spain: Why Brits Have All the Luck

  Madrid nightlife never stops! As an American, traveling to Spain was always a distant dream growing up. We went on family vacations to Cape Cod and New Hampshire– Florida if we were really lucky. Spain seemed like a magical place where flamenco dancers walked the streets and bullfighters practiced their art in public parks […]

Top 10 Eco-Tours in India

Globally, we are all concerned over man’s greed and arrogance encroaching upon some of the earth’s greatest marvels. Both the natural and manmade marvels are in danger, including wildlife reserves, iconic monuments, great bio-reserves and more. However, that by no means implies that we should stop traveling or stop exploring new destinations. There is actually […]