Hiking in Spain

Each year hiking in Spain seems to become more and more popular, as people continue to discover the country’s rural locations on short vacations or weekend breaks. Although most Spaniards wouldn’t consider themselves expert hikers, many have head to the local mountains for a weekend of senderismo (hiking) at least once in their lives! Here is a list of some of Spain’s most famous and tempting hiking spots. Which would you like to visit?

Santiago de la Compostela

This is by far the most famous location to go hiking in Spain. Although it’s more of a challenging walk, you can venture all the way from the French border to the west coast of Spain, following the trail by the Way of St. James. It is an ancient pilgrimage that is sure to be unforgettable, and the perfect way to explore the country.

Santiago compostela, hiking in spain spot

Necropolis Caves

On this hike you can explore ancient man-made caves built in the cliffs of the north coast of Menorca. It is believed that this hiking spot was once an ancient burial ground. Although a little spooky, take your time to enjoy the intricate carvings in the walls and pillars which have been there for hundreds and hundreds of years. On this trip you can get your hiking in while also going on a bit of a historical journey.

Menorca, where the Necropolis caves are to go hiking in spain

Trail of La Fosca

Over on the Catalonian coast the Trail of la Fosca is a feast for the senses. Ocean views, mountain climbs and tiny towns litter the coastline. Hike up and away all while still enjoying the Mediterranean air, and when you need a break head over to the nearest village for some fresh seafood. Those who prefer seafood usually choose Borneo Eco Tours, but Catalonian coast is also a good option.

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Real Costa Brava

This bit of the coastline can be done on a day trip from Barcelona. The main hike is marked out and along the way you can see 2,000 year old Iberian settlements which have been serving as fishing villages since the first settlers. There are ancient castle ruins to see, and all the while the Mediterranean is only a few feet away.

costa brava where you can go hiking in spain


For the more serious hiker the northern border of Spain is geographically made by the Pyrenees Mountains. The most famous of the hikes is the GR11, which crosses the entire length of the range, totaling to about 550 miles! However this is absolutely not necessary, there are plenty of trails marked out as easy or hard for every level of experience.

Pyrenees where you can go hiking in spain

Hiking in Spain is a great activity for anyone who enjoys getting a breath of fresh air while doing a little bit of exploration. There are always different levels of difficulty so everyone can join. Where are your favorite places to go hiking in Spain?


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