English Teacher in Ciudad Real: Jaclyn Blackwell

Meet Jaclyn Blackwell

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Jaclyn loves exploring new countries.

Jaclyn Blackwell is a North American Language and Culture Assistant living and working in Ciudad Real, Spain and traveling the continent in her free time!

Hello Jaclyn! Tell us about your decision to teach English and the reason for teaching English in Spain?

I honestly chose to teach English so that I could live abroad. I majored in English creative writing and communication so I felt confident about teaching and also had some experience. My friend recommended this program to me and I decided to come to Spain. 

Where do you teach in Spain and how did you find your teaching job?

I teach in Moral de Calatrava which is a small village in Ciudad Real in the region of Castilla La Mancha. I received my placement through the Ministry of Education and this assistant program.

How many hours a week do you work and what is your monthly salary?

I work about 15 hour a week on paper, but I generally stay at the school longer most days. I make 700 euro a month.

Was being able to travel a main factor in deciding to teach English in Spain?

Yes, traveling actually was a main factor. I knew that it’d be difficult to ever fully travel Europe without living here. I was also interested in being immersed in a culture long enough to understand the language and people.

What cities and countries have you been able to travel to while teaching in Spain?

I had traveled in Europe many times before, but during these 2 years I have been about to see Berlin, Munich and small cities in Germany, Prague, Copenhagen, Brussels in Belgium, Lisbon, Morocco and a number of cities within Spain.

Wow! You have traveled quite a bit! What countries are next on your list for travel while teaching?

I’d like to visit Ireland, Greece and Italy, as I studied abroad in Italy.

Is teaching in order to travel worth it? Would you recommend it to others?

Yes. But you have to enjoy teaching as well. Although it’s not like being an full-time elementary school teacher in the US, you do have to be creative, have patience and love children. If you’re able to be a good teacher and have the desire to travel, I think this experience or other similar experiences abroad are completely worth it!

You can check out more of Jaclyn’s travels and experiences on her blog: www.spajaclynin.blogspot.com


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