Island Holidays: The Beauty of Teaching in Spain

Spanish Islands

Holidays on the Spanish Islands are a great benefit to teaching in Spain!

Spain may be a small country but its geographic diversity is astounding!

As an English teacher in Spain you could be teaching in the chilly northern mountains of Catalonia or the warm beachside villages of Andalusia. And some of you may even be lucky enough to land a job teaching English on one of Spain’s many islands. But whether or not you are able to call a Spanish island home, a huge benefit to teaching in Spain is being able to meet friends and family for an island holiday.

Whether you prefer the swimming in the Atlantic Ocean on one of the Canary Islands, or lounging along the Mediterranean Sea in the Balearic Islands, there are a multitude of fantastic flight options available for all budgets. When flying, it’s a great idea to leave your car in airport parking– it makes travel much less stressful. When flying to the islands from Manchester try Manchester Airport Parking for ultimate convenience.

4 of the Best Island Holidays in Spain

Canary Islands

Teide Volcano

The volcano from afar.

Tenerife: Vacationing on a volcanic island sounds scary at first, but don’t worry because Tenerife’s enormous Mount Teide has been dormant for over 100 years. A visit to Tenerife is unique due to its impressive volcano and the gorgeous national park that surrounds it. As one of the world’s most visited national parks, it is a must see while teaching English in Spain.

Lanzarote: When your parents come to visit and you aren’t sure where to take them, why not try Lanzarote? This lovely island is a true paradise and is sure to impress the folks. Apart from its breathtaking beaches, visitors can partake in activities such as world-class scuba diving and surfing. There are plenty of companies offering lessons and excursions from beginner levels to advanced adventurers.

Balearic Islands

Blue Beach in Ibiza Spain

Ibiza offers beach weather year-round.

Minorca: Offering some of the most stunning views of all of Spain’s islands, Minorca is a great place to go on holiday. Escape for the weekend to one of its gorgeous beaches, or enjoy a romantic night out at Mahon Port, the island’s capital. If you have time, climb Monte Toro for a view worth the hike. You’ll be sure to forget about any stress in your daily life while contemplating the sea.

Ibiza: With its fame for crazy discos and world class DJs, flights to Ibiza are in high demand. If hopping over from London try leaving your car at Heathrow Parking, where you’ll find incredibly competitive rates, leaving you with plenty of cash to enjoy your holiday to the max. But if discos aren’t your thing don’t worry, Ibiza has a softer side too with white sand beaches, gourmet restaurants and a beautiful historic city center.

Wherever you decide to go, know that you can’t go wrong with the Spanish Islands. Close and inexpensive, they make the ideal destination for a short holiday and a break from your busy teaching schedule. The best part is that they are accessible to friends and family back home too, making them the perfect destination to meet for holidays. Just tell your parents about great travel options such as Bristol Airport Parking and they are sure to hop on over to spend a few days. You won’t want to leave!

What is your favorite Spanish island getaway?

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