It’s Greece vs. Spain for Holidays in 2013

La Caleta Beach in Cadiz

Explore thousands of years of history, from ancient ruins and medieval villages to large, modern cities. Enjoy spectacular beaches, go island hopping, or indulge in a mountain adventure– the options are vast. Choosing between Greece and Spain for a holiday destination may prove difficult, as each country offers all of the above attractions and more, including mouth-watering cuisine options and hotels to accommodate any budget.


Athens has everything any metropolitan city might offer, including a host of historic sites. The Parthenon atop the Acropolis remains one of the most popular ancient attractions in Greece. Completed in 432 B.C. the structure served many purposes over the centuries, including that of a temple, church and fortress. Also situated on an elevated site, the Delphi Theatre dates back to the 4th century when thousands arrived at the location for the privilege of worshiping the Greek god Apollo.

The high elevation of both famous Greek destinations offers a fantastic perspective for viewing the landscape below. The many temples and other ruins throughout the country provide archaeology and history buffs with plenty of options for exploring the past. Near Sparta lies medieval Mystras, a city that was occupied until 1832 by the Ottoman Empire, and the abandoned location now boasts breathtaking architecture.

Visitors interested in seeing amazing scenery need only venture to the Samaria Gorge on the southwestern region of Crete. Millions journey here annually to make the walk that takes anywhere from four to seven hours and ventures into beautiful cypress and pine forests while cutting through the vertical mountains. The path ends at Agia Roumeli on the coast of the Libyan Sea.

Island hopping remains a must do activity and the island of Kelafonia offers the postcard perfect Myrtos Beach. Many consider Myrtos Beach the most dazzling, as blue and turquoise waters border the snow-white sandy shore. Behind the beach stands the emerald green, tree-clad cliffs of the steep mountains. The volcanic island of Santorini is another commonly frequented holiday destination that remains famous for its picturesque views, dramatic sunsets, and array of whitewashed houses, hotels, cafes and shops that overlook the cliff side.

Spanish Islands

These are just a few of the things you can visit while in Greece, and the great thing for travellers is that the country is generally extremely affordable. If you want a cheap holiday with lots of sun, great food, culture and stunning scenery, then Greece should be high up on your list. Just make sure to shop around for the best deals on hotels and flights, because there are some very good deals for 2013.


Barcelona also offers numerous amazing sights. Though still unfinished, the fascinating Sagrada Familia, created by architect Antoni Gaudi, features innumerable sculptural aspects in every nook and cranny of the immense structure. Gaudi used stone to replicate many shapes found in nature and the architect’s designs lie throughout the city including La Padrera and Guell Park. The city also commemorates one of the most famous contemporary artists of all time. The Picasso Museum displays works created throughout the artist’s life.

Barcelona Spain

Gaudi building in Barcelona.

For a bit of ancient architecture, visitors need merely journey to Segovia and view the massive aqueduct constructed by the Romans around 50 A.D. The ingenious architectural feat continued functioning until the 1900s.  Constructed during the third and fourth centuries, the Roman Walls of Lugo also remain standing and the structure protected the city inside and out. Five of the original gates and 46 of the ancient towers still stand today.

Travel on to Madrid and tour the vast Palacio Real, once the home of the King of Spain. The city also has numerous museum, gardens and parks. Farther north, La Concha in San Sebastian offers one of the most scenic beaches on the planet. A secluded island filled bay provides the optimal environment for various water activities. Behind the shores of the community lay a perimeter of majestic mountains. A promenade traverses around the area providing memorable views from every angle.

So what will it be this year? A gorgeous Greek holiday or a some Spanish fun in the sun?

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