My Trip Diary: Madrid to Seville and Cadiz

Alcazar fortress Seville Spain

The Alcazar (fortress) in Seville, Spain

By the end of January, I was getting a little tired of the cold and the rain in Madrid. Checking a map, I looked up the southernmost towns of Spain where there were bound to be some warmer, sunnier places I could spend a weekend. I hadn’t realized it before, but Cadiz and Seville are in the same area of southern Spain, and a little bit of research told me that the trip between the two cities by bus was only about an hour and forty-five minutes long. So there it was, I was going from Madrid to Seville and Cadiz!

I only had Friday, Saturday and Sunday available before classes started again on Monday, so I took an overnight bus ride from Madrid to Cadiz. The bus departed at 11:59 (exactly) on Thursday night and arrived at around 8:00 in the morning. This was not the most comfortable method of travel, but for a girl on a budget who wanted to take advantage of a full three days, it worked out just fine.

Exploring Cadiz

Cadiz is a lovely town, small and picturesque and right on the ocean. Pretty pastel buildings shine in the sunlight, and a walk along the coast gives you beach views as well as access to the castle that sits out on a pseudo-island in the water. I had delicious lunch right on the beach, and dinner was spent in a nice and surprisingly affordable restaurant in the Plaza de San Antonio. Those coastal towns really know their seafood dishes! In between meals, I had a couple of coffee breaks while sitting in the precious squares around the city, and I made a visit to the cathedral and museum.

La Caleta Beach in Cadiz

One day is all I had in Cadiz, and from there, I took the bus to Seville. The ticket wasn’t expensive, only about 13 euros, and they leave around once every hour from the Cadiz bus station. The landscape along the way blew me away, as the road winds through Andalusian hills spotted with farmland and windmills.

Onto Seville

Arriving in Seville, I knew right away that I wouldn’t be disappointed. The streets are lined with orange trees, and palm trees peak out through the parks. Brightly colored buildings with tile details surround winding cobblestone streets, and I was never quite sure I was going the right way until I arrived at my destination. I visited the cathedral, the Alcazar, the famous mushrooms, and walked all along the river. Seville may be my new favorite destination for a quick city break.

Seville Cathedral Photo

Seville’s Beautiful Cathedral

The day left me starving, so I grabbed a delicious Moroccan meal at Restaurante Fez. Every part of the city was gorgeous, from the people to the food to the architecture, and I was really disappointed that I only had a day and a half to spend there. Before catching the bus back to Madrid, I stopped off at a tapas bar near the station called Eslava with the hopes of cramming as much tapa-eating experience into the two hours I have left. And all I can say is, if ever you’re in Sevilla, stop by at Eslava.

What I really took away from this trip was how easy it is to travel within Spain. If you are living or studying in Madrid, you absolutely must take a trip down to Seville and Cadiz– though give yourself more than a weekend if you can! Madrid to Seville is accessible by high speed train as well, cutting down your travel time to less than three hours!

Have you ever traveled from Madrid to Andalusia? Did you go by train or by bus?

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