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For those of us still slaving away at university, our friend Robert tells us some alternative (and perhaps controversial) options to getting it all done on time!

In the busy grind of student life, (including daily reading assignments, projects, and research), writing tasks can seem almost impossible. In fact, the popular rumor is that professors assign more reading than they know even a robot-student could accomplish. So how does a person cope?

Well, many students choose to use a writing service to help them finish some of their student requirements. It is a smart way to utilize available resources and, in a sense, delegate some of the work. There are many top writing services available and the best essay sites offer more than just writing to their customers.

Pen and Paper

Of course, there are some advantages and disadvantages to employing the use of a top writing service. Students who utilize a top writing service will lose the opportunity to develop their own writing skills. In other words, by having a site write their essay for them, the student doesn’t get as much time to practice.

But, on the flip side to this argument, not every essay has to be written by a custom writing service site. Many students choose to have only a few essays written for them at a best essay site, often as a way to help relieve stress. Thus the advantage of using an essay-writing site: less strain, more free time, and a bit of help along the way.

The site Top Essay Services help students filter through the many top writing services available on the web: by posting reviews and information on various companies. Formed two years ago, Top Essay Services tests and reviews sites and lists key details about each.

One such service to make their top five list is This company has over 700 writers working for them and guarantees their deadlines. They have affordable prices and 24/7 customer service features.

These options sound tempting, but do professional writing services really work? Leave us a comment if you’ve ever used one!

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