Summer Jobs in Spain: 5 Ways to Make Summer Cash

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Summer has arrived— any English teaching expat’s worst financial nightmare. The school year is over and private classes usually don’t continue for a summer session. So what is an English teacher to do? Are there any summer jobs in Spain, especially given the difficult economy? Well, to be honest, the best bet may be going back to your home country and working there for the summer. I’m from the US, and a summer job as a waitress there could easily earn me $6,000 by the end of the summer. However, if going back to your country of origin is not an option, don’t worry– they may be few and far between, but there are options for summer jobs in Spain.

5 Potential Summer Jobs in Spain

English Summer Camp

Given that you may be an English teacher during the year, you may choose to continue your work with your Spanish summer job. Throughout the country, July and August are prime times for sleep away summer camps, many with a focus on learning English. The working conditions, salary and legal requirements vary by camp– definitely ask for opinions from former employees before accepting a job! One highly recommended camp with great pay and a well organized  program is Forenex.

english camp

Teaching at a summer camp is a great option.

Au Pair

If you haven’t had enough of children throughout the school year, you can likely find work as an au pair or nanny during the summer in Spain. These jobs are quite abundant, as parents suddenly find themselves with no place to leave their children while they are working. Some au pair positions are live in summer jobs, and include meals, pool privileges, and even vacations! Others are live out and you will likely be more of a babysitter, with less responsibilities than the au pair position. It is important to point out that au pairs do not earn much money, and the position is often treated more as a cultural exchange. One site with placements still available for this summer (2012) is here, or put the word out on facebook to avoid paying the registration fee.

Marbella Yachts

Imagine being an au pair on a Marbella yacht!

Summer Language Academy

These coveted positions may be some of the most competitive summer jobs in Spain, but if you can land one they are well worth the trouble. Spending the summer teaching small groups of children and adults English can be a fantastic experience, and as a summer perk, many schools also treat teachers to cultural experiences and short day trips with their classes. Lingo Bongo is a great place to start looking, although it is currently only available for Madrid or Barcelona.

Alcala Cervantes

Have fun taking your class on educational field trips!

Waiter or Bartender

A really fun summer job option is definitely searching out work at a Spanish resort of beach area for the summer. Spain has over 10 major tourist islands and almost 5,000 kilometers (about 3,100 miles) of coastline. Although service positions in Spain are notoriously underpaid and overworked, it may be worth taking one to be able to spend a summer in a beach paradise. Try looking in Malaga, Ibiza and the Balearic Islands to start.

beach club

Being a waiter here wouldn't be so bad!

Tour Guide

Check out the tours in your Spanish city, and see if any of the tour providers are interested in offering their tours in English. This could be a great opportunity to show off your city and make some money at the same time. Tour guides salaries really vary, from a decent hourly rate to no salary at all (completely dependent on tips). But most people say that it is a fun and rewarding job, it keeps you fit from so much walking and gives you the opportunity to meet some great people.

Tour group

Become a tour guide in your city.

So what do you think? Any interesting options? Any suggestions for other summer employment options in Spain? Share below!

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