Teaching English in the Basque Country

Questions & Answers with Auxiliar Elizabeth Pitt The Basque Country is one of the overlooked regions of Spain. If you hear about the Basque Country on the news, it’s probably for one of two reasons-the food or their local terrorist group, ETA. However, after having lived in the Basque Country for two years, I’ve learned […]

Island Holidays: The Beauty of Teaching in Spain

Spain may be a small country but its geographic diversity is astounding! As an English teacher in Spain you could be teaching in the chilly northern mountains of Catalonia or the warm beachside villages of Andalusia. And some of you may even be lucky enough to land a job teaching English on one of Spain’s […]

5 Best Ways a Teacher Can Relax in Logroño

The life of an English teacher in Spain is never dull. Whether you are teaching itty bitty toddlers the colors and counting to 5, or professional vocabulary to working businessmen, you always have to be on your game, leaving precious time for relaxing. Over the years I have learned a few good ways to wind […]

Vanessa Hoffman: English Teacher & Traveler

Meet Vanessa Hoffman Vanessa Hoffman is an Auxiliar de Conversación in Toledo, Spain who spends her free time practicing Spanish and traveling. Hi Vanessa! Can you explain how you began teaching English and why you chose to teach English in Spain? I chose to teach English in Spain simply because it was a way to […]

What Does A Language Assistant Do?

The True Daily Life of a Language Assistant in Spain The Ministry of Education’s official program manual conveniently leaves out what exactly an Auxiliar de Conversación is expected to do! The British Council (which has a similar English Language Assistant Program for British University Students) offers two guides, which are much more helpful and almost everything […]

What is a Language Assistant?

An Overview of the Language Assistant Program in Spain Each year Spain opens its borders to thousands of Language Assistants from a variety of different countries. A language assistant, also known by its Spanish title as an Auxiliar de Conversación, is a non-Spanish national who goes to Spain to teach their native language and culture […]

First Grade Teacher in Sunny Seville: Cat Gaa

Meet Cat Gaa Cat Gaa is a first grade teacher in Seville, Spain. She previously worked for three years as a Language Assistant too! How did you become an English teacher and why did you choose to teach English in Spain? I chose to come to Spain after already having studied here. I spent a […]

English Teacher in Ciudad Real: Jaclyn Blackwell

Meet Jaclyn Blackwell Jaclyn Blackwell is a North American Language and Culture Assistant living and working in Ciudad Real, Spain and traveling the continent in her free time! Hello Jaclyn! Tell us about your decision to teach English and the reason for teaching English in Spain? I honestly chose to teach English so that I could […]

Auxiliar de Conversación Shannon Navroth

Meet Shannon Navroth Shannon Navroth is an Auxiliar de Conversación who has lived and worked in Granada, Spain.  Hi Shannon! Can you explain how you began teaching English and why you chose to teach English in Spain? Truth be told, I am really not qualified to teach English…at all. Just because I can speak the language […]

Teaching Assistant Ryan Andrews

Meet Ryan Andrews Ryan Andrews is an American Language and Culture Assistant who lives and works in Jaen, Spain.  Tell us Ryan, why did you begin teaching English and why did you choose to teach English in Spain? I started teaching English this year mainly because I wanted to come to Spain and learn the language. […]