The Tired Teacher’s TEFL Lesson Plan Ebook

Teaching English in Spain: Lessons Learned!

I still remember the first day I got off of the local bus to start teaching English in Spain. I was excited– and naive. Fresh out of a TEFL course, I didn’t mind doing the hours and hours of prep that were asked of me. In retrospect, I was working too much– but I really wanted to do a good job.

When I started giving private English classes in Spain (while also working as a language assistant), I was happy to finally be my own boss. But I was still getting things wrong. I’d take a new class for between 15€ and 25€ an hour, the going rate for private English classes in Madrid at the time. But add on the hour of prep work and the half hour commute each way, and that quickly turned to 5€/hour– not enough if you ask me!

After four years of teaching English in Spain (in Madrid and Seville) I finally decided to organize all of my favorite kids lessons in one place, and the idea for the Tired Teacher’s Guide to Private English Classes was born.

This TEFL lesson plan ebook will save you tons of time. It’s 50+ pages of lessons that you don’t need to prepare. And it’s not your standard stuff either– these are fun and creative ways to get your students speaking and participating.

By buying this book, you will have at least 10 classes (1 hour each) worth of content prepared. That’s a lot of time saved!

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 What people have already said…

“Thanks so much! The teacher’s guide seems like a great starting point for my classes, it will for sure be very useful. I think you could charge 15-20 euro for it. If you figure that’s the price of just 1 hour of teaching private classes, people will buy it at that price.” -Michael Silverman

“Thanks so much! What a great resource! I wish you the best of luck in this and I’ll spread the word about it!” – Jessica Chandras

What is the Tired Teacher’s Guide?

For 8€ plus VAT (if located in the EU) you get:

  • A printable PDF E-book (you don’t need to print it if you don’t want to)
  • 25 pages of lesson plans, ideas, prompts, etc. 
  • 25 pages of printable pictures and worksheets for the students. 

This book is geared towards levels beginner-intermediate but is very adaptable towards higher levels. The grammar doesn’t go beyond the past simple. Most activities are very speaking centered. I’ve used the content here mostly with ages 6-16 although occasionally I’ll use activities with my adults too!

Sample Page

It is really hard to give you an idea of all of the different types of activities and lessons in the book, but here is a sample page if you’d like to take a look!

Tired Teacher’s Sample Page

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