Top 10 Apps that Will Improve Your Road Trip

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Travel apps are essential when traveling the world!

International road trips are among the most exciting forms of travel in the world. Nowadays you can make the trip even better by enhancing it with important information and activities. We have compiled a list of the top ten apps to improve your road trip. For the most part, these are free and available on both Apple and Android. Check below for the recommendations:

1. Social Bingo

If you are traveling with a few friends that are young-at-heart then why not play a bingo tournament as you go, to while away the long hours on the road? All it takes is for each of you to have your own smartphone. You can go to to find recommendations for social bingo apps.

2. FlightAware Flight Tracker

Track the progress of any commercial flight across the globe. This is great for checking on the travel progress of inbound friends to your current location.

3. Skyscanner

Find a last minute flight in a breeze using this really helpful app. You can buy your tickets directly from the airlines by clicking on the links provided. Prices are also included for comparisons between the different airlines.


Get access for booking from more than 25,000 hostels/hotels globally. The will enable you to make a speedy booking for when you move on to your next location. It is free to download for Apple and Android users.

5. Taxi Magic

Enter your location and a taxi will be sent to fetch you. Taxi Magic is a really helpful free travel app available on both Apple and Android.

6. HopStop

The app for when you don’t want to use a taxi. HopStop provides you with public transport information as well as walking recommendations. Unfortunately, it only works in Europe, the US and Canada at present.

7. aMetro

This is the app for when you want to navigate your way around any global subway or metro system. Buses are also included to make this the ultimate underground travel assistant.

8. Where To Go

Download this free app and then shake your phone to receive activity suggestions within your immediate vicinity. The app will suggest bars, tourist attractions more. It is available free for Apple and Android users.

9. Currency

International travel predominantly requires you to change currency at some stage in your journey. Currency is a free app for Apple and Android devices which will deliver you the latest exchanges rates for more than 100 global currencies. You won’t go wrong with Currency around to help you keep on top of your finances.

10. Find Chocolate

Well, it can’t be all about serious travel assistance. Find Chocolate is certainly the most delicious of the apps suggested above. It works on the basis of guiding you to the closest chocolate shops. It even includes maps to help display exactly where you are going.

Those ten apps should help you out greatly when away on your travels. However, click here if you are interested in discovering even more mobile apps to ease your trip.

 What’s your favorite travel app?

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