Top 10 Reasons to Live in Valencia

First of all, lets get one thing straight: Valencia is not Madrid or Barcelona. Unlike both of those cities, Valencia is relatively inexpensive and escapes the mass of inflated egos found in Spain’s most cosmopolitan cities. What Valencia does lack are the countless world-class museums and concerts available in bigger cities. Don’t get me wrong, Valencia has its fair share of history, art, music, and theater, but how do you compete with the Prado? Or with the works of Gaudi? With that said, Valencia is a Spanish gem. The province’s best aspect  is that it is absolutely livable.

Enjoy these 10 reasons why you should consider living in Valencia.

Valencia El Penyon

View from El Penyon, Calpe

1.  The Mediterranean at Your Fingertips (or at your Toes)

When you first think about moving to Spain you usually have two vivid visions. The first incorporates Flamenco dancers and everything Andalusian, while the second includes long sandy beaches and the beautiful blue-turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. Well, Valencia is not Andalusia, but it has its own rich culture and flaunts over 135 kilometers of Mediterranean coastline, giving you plenty of opportunities to explore the large sandy beaches and the small, quaint coves. You can’t go wrong. Go north. Go south. They are all beautiful.

Cullera Valencia

The lovely town of Cullera, Valencia.

2. Locals + Worldly Immigrants + Well-mannered Country Folk + You = A Beautiful Mix

Valencia’s ever growing melting pot is a beautiful thing.  Whether you find yourself in Valencia City, or in the cities to the north or south (i.e. Castellón, Alicante), it is commonplace to hear a group of people ping-ponging among two or three languages while conversing and sipping coffee. Listen carefully, and try to comprehend the local Valenciano language, which, even though you might understand both French and Spanish, you will likely struggle to follow.


International Flags

Valencia is a melting pot of cultures.

3. World Class Festivals

Whether its something as simple as a tomato fight, or the breathtaking works of art that are set ablaze during Las Fallas, Valencia is a province full of fun festivals that you cannot experience anywhere else. Living in Valencia is a great opportunity to take part in these unique, world-famous parties– making memories you’ll never forget. When I was touring the city during Las Fallas, so attuned to the ambience was I that I envisioned Pepsi Center all over again.

Las Fallas

Burning the beautiful Fallas figures.

4. Paella and Orxata

Although you can find these delicacies anywhere in Spain, the truth is they are from Valencia! Orxata (or Horchata in Spanish), a delicious creamy drink made from the tuber called chufa (tiger nuts), originates from a little town called Alboraya just 3 kilometers north of Valencia city.  While Paella originates from… well, the whole province tries to stake that claim! Regardless, the ability to have either of these specialties at your fingertips is a true advantage.

Paella Valencia

Delicious Paella.

5. Rich History Blends with Functional Society

Have you ever been to a place like Toledo? While it is a beautiful and historically rich city, you might wonder how much you would actually like to live there. Well, let’s just say you won’t have that problem in Valencia. Alive with youthful energy, full of top universities, vibrant festivals, international business, and, of course, nightlife, living in Valencia is an easy choice.


Tomatina Valencia

The famous Tomatina Tomato Fight

6. Your Euro Goes a Long Way

Like I said before, Valencia is not Madrid or Barcelona! Unlike both of these cities, living on a salary of 700 euros per month is perfectly possible. However, earning an amount closer to 1,000 euros per month will allow you to live without worrying about every penny– and to invest your hard earned cash on exploring the beautiful region. 


7. Easy to Stay Active

Both the Castellón and Alicante provinces are loaded with great trails for hiking, trekking, climbing and biking.  Though you need a car to arrive at most trailheads, the proximity to Valencia makes day trips quite easy. It is well worth renting a car for the weekend to explore these beautiful paths.

Mountains in Valencia

Hike up to see beautiful views like this one.

8. Top Universities

Valencia’s universities are known throughout Europe for offering a quality education. They are perfect for taking a Spanish class– or if your language skills are passable try a class on Valencia’s history. Even if you don’t want to start studying, having several universities around creates an interesting, educated and open-minded community. Who wouldn’t want that?


University in Valencia

One of Valencia’s traditional universities.

9.  Valencia City Center

Valencia’s city center boasts some of the area’s top sights: the Turia “River” (they diverted the river in 1972 and made it into a park); Torres del Serrano, Plaza de la Virgin, the City of Arts and Sciences, Malvarosa Beach, etc. As the Mediterranean’s Cinderella city, Valencia offers a unique mix of old and new, traditional and modern, land and sea… just go!


Valencia City of Arts and Sciences

Valencia’s modern City of Arts and Sciences.

10.  A Transportation Hub

Trains, planes, automobiles…and boats! Valencia is easily accessible. Visit the Balearic Islands, Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, or any other Mediterranean city like Rome or Athens using the high-speed train (AVE), buses, or the Valencia Manises Airport.

Renfe AVE

The high speed AVE train.

Basically, Valencia is an amazing city to live in and offers a great alternative to Madrid and Barcelona. Cheaper, with great people, gorgeous beaches and still easy to come and go, living in Valencia is a choice you won’t regret.  If you are lucky enough to already live there, share your favorite parts of the city below!

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  1. Wonderful, very balanced assessment of my favorite city! You do a great job of selling, and yet not overselling Valencia. What it lacks as a “top” tourist destination it more than makes up for as an incredibly pleasant place to live.

  2. Have lived in Valencia for 4 months myself for a project. It’s a truely amazing city and environment! Old and modern at the same time, surrounded by beautiful nature and old historical towns as well. Not to forgot the weather: it’s sunny most of the time! It’s not easy to find a job at the moment, however, due to the economic crisis. But if it would be possible I would definitely like it to live there!

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