Top 5 European Summer Getaways

Luxurious Spanish Beaches to Cheap Holidays in Italy:

Our Top Summer Escapes in Europe

When the city starts to get sticky in the summer heat, many European summer getaways are only a quick trip away. Whether you’re looking for the beach or just a cooler climate, there are plenty of spots in Europe that make for a perfect summer escape!

1. Málaga, Spain

Palm trees in Malaga, one of our top 5 European Summer Getaways

Find the best Europe Travel Discounts and head on a road trip on the south coast of Spain as it has an amazing European summer getaway for any ocean lover. The scenic beaches, with mountains in the background, make for a most relaxing feel. Drinks and fresh organic sodas are available on the beach at excellent prices. A perfect spot for total relaxation and a bit of a suntan to boot!

2. Biarritz, France

A beachside spot with the charm of a small French town, Biarritz makes for a charming yet lively European summer getaway. Home to two very different beaches, Biarritz is made for all kinds of visitors. One side is for the sunbathers and the cocktail drinkers, while the other side is a surf spot for more active beach-goers.

Biarritz coastline, one of the top 5 European summer getaways

3. Alonissos, Greece

A lesser-known gem of the Mediterranean, Alonissos is actually one of Europe’s 6 Eco-Islands. Because of this, it is a protected location and the waters around the island are crystal clear. Scuba diving and snorkeling would be an amazing way to check out the natural wildlife here while enjoying the sun and sand.

Alonissos, Greece - One of our Top 5 European Summer Getaways

4. Dumfries, Scotland


This town located about 20 miles north of the English border is a historical European summer getaway. Cool off near the cliffs of the Scottish coast while visiting a 17th century castle, or the famous Dumfries Museum and Camera Obscura, located inside of an ancient windmill! If you’re still looking for a more natural escape, the Galloway Forest Park is a beautiful hiking and biking ground.

5. Amalfi Coast, Italy

Amalfi Coast - One of our top 5 european summer getaways

More of a romantic seaside vacation than anything else, the Amalfi Coast provides scenic views and coastal breeze to cool you off from the summer heat. The best thing to do would be to rent a car and drive from one end to the other while exploring the little towns. Make sure to see the Old Arsenal and the Cathedral of Amalfi during your European summer getaway.

Any of these destinations are sure to please and, even better, they can all be done on a budget too, making for the best cheap summer escapes you’ll find! What is your favorite European summer getaway?

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