Top 5 Things to Do In Barcelona That Are Off the Tourist Route

From the incredible Mediterranean backdrop to the unique and beautiful architecture of Antoni Gaudi, there is something exciting for everyone to experience in Barcelona. All attractions are easily accessible with Barcelona’s great public transportation system. The most popular way to get around is the clean, air conditioned Barcelona metro system. The metro system can take any tourist to virtually any of the attractions within the city and in the suburbs. Barcelona also has a very efficient bus service that serves the city center. A lot of people take taxis as an affordable alternative to the public transportation system. There are special taxis available for the physically challenged and there are some that come specially equipped with child safety seats. The city center of Barcelona is often surprisingly smaller than first time visitors might imagine. Therefore, walking is an excellent way to see the area from a closer, more personal perspective. You can get cheap accommodation close to the major sightseeing locations in Barcelona from HostelBookers so you don’t have to walk that far!

But here is a list of 5 things to do in Barcelona that provide something a little different.

Playa de la Mar Bella

Playa mar bella

Image source Playa de la Mar Bella: jesuloca

One of the many amenities offered by Barcelona is its wide array of beaches. However, the local beaches can be crowded and cluttered. Playa de la Mar Bella is an exception. This is where people in the know head to avoid the crowded beaches that lie closer to the middle of the city. Tourists that are seeking a more secluded, clean beach environment can expect fantastic views, terrific beachside bars and wonderful music without the crowds, trash and noise pollution such as the one which can be achived in your homes by, that are inherent in some of the more popular Barcelona beach locations. The L4 metro can take anyone there in a matter of minutes, for an unforgettably fun-filled, sunny beach experience in Barcelona. Expect to find plenty of food and drink available in nearby bars and restaurants.

Ice Barcelona

Those who spend their days on the beaches of Barcelona will be especially appreciative of Ice Barcelona, a bar made entirely of ice. Even the frosty cold drinks are served in glasses made of ice! Visitors are given warm coats to wear while in the bar, as well as a pair of handy, insulated gloves. Not only does this unusual bar have all of the amenities of a disco. It also has ice sculptures that are honed by notable Spanish artists.



Image source Poblenou: spirosk

The Barcelona visitor that is looking for an authentic Barcelona experience can take the yellow L4 metro line to Poblenou for a lovely day at another great beach and plenty of fine bars and restaurants. The true Barcelona experience is incomplete without a trip to the 100 year old El Tio Che, that offers its customers authentic Orxata, a traditional combination of tigernut milk, water and sugar to quench the thirst in a lactose-free, refreshing way.

The Grácia Neighborhood

Grácia once existed as a separate, 19th century village. Not many tourists can be found in this neighborhood, much to their misfortune. While the neighborhood is worth seeing by virtue of the old, colonial style architecture alone, much delight can be had from the designers, artists and musicians whose ateliers and galleries dot the narrow, fascinating streets of Grácia. This place is well worth the visit.

Take a Guided Bike Tour

bike tour barcelona

Image source: carlos_lorenzo

There are a number of different bicycle tour companies available in Barcelona, all offering views of the true character of the city. Most are guided tours that take visitors to places off the beaten path, and complete with narrative, give tourists a taste of what locals love to do on their days off. It is much easier to make a fast sweep through the city to give visitors ideas about where they might like to spend more time later.

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