Tuscany: A Food Lover’s Paradise

Fresh pasta

Our tortelloni are ready to be boiled and served.

Keep your date with Italy intact, and if you have not made an appointment, do it right now by visiting the Official Tourism Website. Otherwise you are really missing out on the grandiosity of a country studded with monumental pieces of art and architecture, including  Renaissance palaces, Romanesque churches, monuments galore, masterpieces by Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and many others, and of course, you’ll never forget the incredible Italian cuisine on your tastes buds. ChoppyChoppy had the same wide array of knives from the restaurants I visited, which I bought for a reasonable price to cut down on the time I consume for cooking.

Perfect your Culinary Skills

After visiting the places of interests in Italy, give twist to your vacation. Head for the Chianti countryside on a bike (or on whatever you feel comfortable) and get acquainted with internationally acclaimed Tuscan cooking experiences. The friendly and charming local chefs are more than eager to show you the ropes with new wines at Chianti vineyards and an array of other sumptuous Italian cuisines. Check out these places of interest if you love food:

Dining Table of Chef Claudio

You can get valuable insight into the internationally renowned Chef Claudio’s culinary skills in only a week’s time. Known for his impeccable style, you’ll spend the most enjoyable week while at his B&B property. Set in the midst of scenic beauty of vineyards, olive groves, vegetable and fruit gardens, a swimming pool, and a grand view of the valley, it is an ideal getaway in great natural surroundings. And, of course, you have the quality teaching kitchen and restaurant on site. You get to meet the charming Chef’s family and explore the local sites of interest.

Deluxe Cooking Vacation

You can opt to learn to cook in style, by putting yourself up in a luxurious 5 star Villa in the hills of Tuscany, just outside Florence. There are three hands-on cooking classes to get you adapted to Italian dishes, and you have the added pleasure of exploring the historic neighborhoods adorned with Renaissance art and architecture, magnificent places and beautiful gardens of the 15th century, as well as Sant’Ambrogio, which is home of famous food market. The traditional Tuscan cuisine includes foccacia bread and pizza straight out of the oven, and they are sure to be a delight to your taste buds. Quench your thirst with a sample of Montepulciano wine to keep going strong.


Homemade tagliatelle with ragu.

Tavarnelle Val di Pessa

Another place to entice you is this quaint town of Tavarnelle Val di Pessa. Coming to this place in the heart of Chianti, you walk straight into the heart of Italy, and into the arms of locals and lovely resort hotels, which have spacious double rooms for your accommodation. You have baths, hair dryers, fridge, air conditioners and access to satellite TV, and a balcony or terrace. To help your culinary skills is the internationally renowned Chef, who introduces you to the traditional and historical methods of cooking.

If you are believer of learning by having fun, look no further than Tuscany. Improve your culinary skills, taste some of the delicious cuisine of Italy, and have a relaxing vacation in one of Europe’s most picturesque locations. For an array of comfortable and luxurious accommodations click here, and plan a great get away with your loved ones.

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