UK to Spain: Why Brits Have All the Luck

 Madrid Nightlife

Madrid nightlife never stops!

As an American, traveling to Spain was always a distant dream growing up. We went on family vacations to Cape Cod and New Hampshire– Florida if we were really lucky. Spain seemed like a magical place where flamenco dancers walked the streets and bullfighters practiced their art in public parks (those two thing really do happen so I wasn’t imagining much!).

Now that I live in Spain, trips back home are expensive and time consuming, and weekend visits are out of the question. I share my plight with many expat friends, but not with all– my British friends will never understand my dilemma!

People from the UK have it made, as travel between Spain and the UK couldn’t be easier. Cheap flights from low-cost companies provide multiple travel options per day from dozens of UK locations to just about any large Spanish city.

Take my friend Will for example. Will supposedly lives in Spain, but every time I try to get together with him he is conveniently visiting the UK. That would never happen with an American friend!

Yet despite the easy connections between the UK and Spain, I was shocked to hear some of my British friends tell me that there are many people in the UK who have never thought to get on a plane. As someone who has come so far to travel in Europe, I find it sad that people living so close by aren’t taking advantage of UK to Spain travel options.

If you are thinking about traveling from the UK to Spain, don’t wait. It is easy and inexpensive. Here are some tips:

City, Beach or Mountains?

La Caleta Beach in Cadiz

Colorful La Caleta Beach in Cadiz

First, decide whether you’d prefer a city break, beach getaway, or mountain excursion. Spain offers it all. I especially recommend Madrid and Seville for cities, Granada for a city plus mountains, and Cadiz or one of the islands for the beach.  Combining all three is also possible if you come with a couple of weeks to explore!

Compare Airfare

airplane takes off

Where will you go?

With so many airlines out there, finding a good deal has never been easier. I try searching on Skyscanner to compare and often book with Ryanair for their cheap flights. Take a look at the options leaving from your city.

Consider an Apartment

Apartment in Spain

A nice Spanish apartment might be perfect for your stay.

There are many lodging options in Spain, but don’t just assume that a hotel is the best choice. When I travel I often stay in apartment rentals where I have much more space and the conveniences of a kitchen and laundry machine. If staying for at least a week this is a great option and is usually more economic as well.

Take Precautions

Passport and Euros

Don’t forget your passport!


It is always a good idea to be careful when traveling. Insurance for flights and general travel insurance are both things to seriously consider when reserving. I tend to purchase travel insurance on any overseas trip and I also purchase flight insurance on tickets over 100 euros. Although I’ve rarely had to use it, I know many people who have and it is much better to be protected.

Do Some Research

Girl researching on computer

Do your research first!


When I first started traveling I missed out on lots of great experiences, restaurants, markets, etc. because I just didn’t do my research. Nowadays, with sites like Tripadvisor and high quality travel blogs, there is no reason not to travel with some information about the destination. Choose your interests (food, museums, nature, etc.) and plan a couple of things you want to see in your destination.

If you are from the UK and haven’t yet been to Spain, get here already! I can only wish my friends and family were only a cheap flight away. Take advantage of your location and enjoy your trip!

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