Blue Beach in Ibiza Spain

Ibiza offers beach weather year-round.

What is the Weather Like in Spain?

Well, It Depends…

The weather in Spain varies greatly from region to region. The coldest temperatures are usually found in Girona, Spain in the small villages of the Pyrenees Mountains where they drop to an average of 29°F in the winter months. The hottest temperatures can be found in Andalusian cities like Seville and Jaen with averages around 90°F in July and August but where they may potentially reach highs of up to 110°F! The best place in Spain (weather-wise) is said to be the Canary Islands which usually stay between 60°F  and 75°F degrees all year round! The good thing is that, despite your own preferences, the weather in Spain offers something for everyone!

Snowy Mountains Navacerrada Spain

The snowcapped mountains of Navacerrada, Spain in February

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